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Saturday, March 10, 2012

One of Servant's greatest nemeses, Sire is a simulacrum created by Guro as a decoy (one of many) to evade god-hunters and spread across the multiverse.  Sire is the only known survivor who ruled over his own version of earth.  It wasn't until Servant accidentally traveled to his dimension that he learned the truth.  In an epic battle, Servant deposed him and took the fight into "Kawalan", a universe between the universes where Sire is trapped (lacking the training or will to use his powers to break out) as he learns he is not immortal, unlike Servant.  But in Bayan Knights, Sire is released.  What role will he play in the final chapter of Bayan Knights' first storyarc?  And what does it mean for his heroic counterpart?  

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