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Friday, June 8, 2012

SERVANT #1 digital comic is out now!!!

Are you ready to rule with Earth's first and greatest Call Center Agent/Superhero? The first issue of Servant's bi-monthly comic book is out now!  Available as a PDF download for $2.99 US at this link:

The first issue of the bi-monthly SERVANT CGI comic! This issue presents a brief look into Servant's origins and a lead in to an adventure where the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Born of gods and raised by mortals, young Gal Ang/Gabriel Barreon lives as an ordinary student, working part-time as a call center representative. Yet when the need arises, he dedicates his divine power to serving the cause of justice and the protection of mankind as Servant!
But even with the power of the cosmos in his hands, can he make the right choices to protect humanity from its own follies? And when his actions incur the wrath of a foreign power, will doing what is right lead to making things even worse? Can even the power of a Bathala ("god") save mankind from destroying itself? This special issue features layouts by Gilbert Monsanto (Rambol, Bayan Knights, Hellcop, Houdini) and the inner back cover is by Gerry Alanguilan (Elmer, Wasted, Superman:Birthright, X-Force, Superior, Supercrooks)!
SERVANT is ™ and © Geoffrey Borgonia. All Rights Reserved

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