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Monday, September 10, 2012


Fan art of Darna and Servant in a team-up against whatever villains you can imagine would be on the other side.

I heard that ABS-CBN acquired the rights for the next DARNA iteration and that Angel Locsin will play her again.

I got the urge to create a Darna piece and how she and Servant would look together. I tried to pay homage to all the previous versions of Darna and my own ideas. I didn't want her to look like a specific actress, but what my view of what an "ideal" Darna would look like. Borrowed some ideas from Alex Ross's version of Captain Marvel/Shazam.

Darna created by Mars Ravelo (and I think Nestor Redondo should be credited for the final design, too). Darna is owned by the Ravelos. All rights reserved to them.

Servant is © and ™ Geoffrey Borgonia.

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