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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Servant #2 is now live on Amazon, Drivethrucomics, and Smashwords!

Last issue, Servant prevented a nuclear weapon launched by the South East Kinchan Empire from causing untold damage to Philippine shores. However, this also earned him the ire of that nation's Mighty Ruler who has sworn vengeance!

Now Gabriel Barreon/Gal Ang must face the reality that interfering with international politics has dire repercussions. Branded as a saboteur, the Mighty Ruler has declared holy war on him and his entire country! How does this affect his life as an ordinary teenager, as a citizen, and as a superhero? Will his adoptive parents understand? Plus, more of Viktor Del Maestro and his children, the beautiful and sexy Alex and Katsuko! And what new secrets will begin to unfold? Find out in this second installment of Servant's adventures!
This special issue features layouts by Gilbert Monsanto (Rambol, Bayan Knights, Hellcop, Houdini) and a free Servant themed 2013 Calendar!

SERVANT created by Geoffrey Borgonia. All Rights Reserved.

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