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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Review of Servant #2 by Geeky Girl @Irene Enriquez:

"I just recently finished reading the second issue, and I immensely enjoyed it. It's not as action-packed as the first issue, but it is still full of surprises. I actually like the fact that the second issue is more focused on Gabriel's internal battle. It gives his character more depth. And as usual, the other characters are just as entertaining. This is a must-read for any superhero fans. If you're from the Philippines, you shouldn't miss this one! It's really awesome to see familiar places as the story unfolds! :) "

Thanks, Irene! Check out her Facebook page here:

And her blog here:

Servant #2 can be downloaded at Amazon (MOBI) and Drivethrucomics (PDF, CBZ, EPUB). At Drivethrucomics, it also comes bundled with Servant #1 (2 for the price of 1!) :

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